Cake Forks

I stumbled upon these darling forks over on Etsy and thought they would make a great addition to your cake cutting ceremony, they would also make a great wedding gift. Priced under $20 what a great deal!

By BeachHouseLiving

Easy, Inexpensive Photo Frame Centerpieces

When I got married, I desperately wanted to incorporate our dogs into our ceremony, for us, that wasn’t going to happen. So I needed a great, easy solution to incorporate our dogs into our weeding. Martha to the rescue!

The directions were easy enough- Disassemble three like-sized frames, setting aside their fronts and discarding their backings. Paint or stain wooden frames desired color; let dry. Upload or scan photographs into a computer. With editing software, make the images black and white, and resize them to fit your frames. Print them onto vellum paper with an ink-jet printer. Slip the images into the frames. Using cloth tape, hinge frames together to form a triangle. Stand frames around a candle in a protective glass holder.

Supplies I used: Ikea Ram Frames (available in store only), Orange Paint, White Crackle Paint, Kota, Cheyenne, Vellum  #29 from Paper and More, Medical Tape, Battery Powered Candles (not my favorite, but outside in the wind, real candles weren’t going to stand a chance)

Models: Kota as groom, sporting a shirt and tie, and Cheyenne as the bride, wearing a veil. We tossed a sheet over the dining room table to serve as a back drop, dressed up the doggies, and took about 150 shots.

I followed the directions per Martha’s Instruction. And loved the finished product, still three years later, I still love them and they adorn my desk.

Photo by Sungold Photo.

Easy, Inexpensive and a way I could have my pups at the wedding. Happy Creating!

A Long Long Distance Love Story Wedding Invite

Greatest, Longest, Sweetest wedding invitation I have ever seen, and the groom Matt, created and designed it himself.

Really Cute Engagement Photos!

Seriously, How freaking cute are these engagement photos from Deanne and Drew, used chalk on their driveway to create several different unique scenes for their engagement photos. Photos snapped from a friend, sitting on  a ladder above.

Very Sweet Wedding Proposal

Too cute not to post! This clip left me smiling and happy, a sweet moment!

First Post

Hello Blog World! I am excited to be here and share my adventures in Event Planning and some great tips for making the most out of your dollars along the way!

All the Best,



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